How Our Husband and Wife Team Keep Organized with TripIt

The dinner conversation with my husband isn't like most homes. Oh, sure, now and then we'll ask, "How was your day, dear?" but most of the time we talk travel. Travel tips, travel products, travel tools, where we'd like to go, memories of where we've been, people we've met along the way - anything travel!

One such conversation centered around our usage of TripIt. We've long been users of this app that keeps our travel organized. We'd be lost without it. In fact, our marriage may be at risk without it - as I shared in Why TripIt Is a Marriage Saver. There are just some tools that are non-negotiables and this is one of them. So when TripIt asked to sponsor these articles, it was like saying "Yes!" to "Would you like a first class upgrade, Mrs. Margolis?"

Do we use this tool the exact same way? Not at all. We're actually very different in how we travel, how we pack, and when we like to arrive at the airport. Suffice it to say that an entire series of articles could be written on just how different we are as travelers. Actually, that's not a bad idea. I'm sure we're not the only people who live under the same roof but have very opposite travel techniques.

TripIt offers many features, both in their free and Pro versions, so it makes sense that two people might be a bit different in their usage of the app. Though one thing is certain - the features we each do use are features that help us be an organized team even when we're heading off in different directions around the world.

Here is our conversation on how my husband and I each use TripIt in our travels: TripIt for Business Travelers: How TripIt Keeps a Husband and Wife Team Organized.

If you travel, or manage a team of travelers, this long list of TripIt features can help greatly organize your travels - and create interesting dinner conversation!

I hear from many business travelers that their companies have provided them with the TripIt app though they aren't familiar with all of its features. So please feel free to share this list and help your fellow travelers get the most out of TripIt's app.