Business Trip Becomes an Obstacle Course, and an Object Lesson

“I HAVE really good travel karma,” Carol Margolis said. “Well, almost all the time.”

Things began going wrong for her at the start of a recent three-day whirlwind trip from a small city in the south of Norway, where she was on a consulting job, to a midsize city in Colorado, where she had an important meeting.

Female business travelers find more accommodating world

Carol Margolis ... may be the ultimate expert about women on the road. She has traveled frequently on business for more than 25 years and spent more than 100 nights this year in hotels.

Smart Tips for Stress-Free Travel

A checklist of travel tips for attending meetings on the road.


Cheap Trips: Cut the cost of business travel with 34 smart strategies.

A recent U.S. Travel Association-commissioned study underscores the value of in-person interactions: For every dollar a company spent on business travel, it generated almost $3 in profit. To reduce your trip costs, Carol Margolis, an international speaker and consultant, and the author of Business Travel Success, helped compile these 34 ways to painlessly trim spending.