About Carol Margolis

After 30 years of business travel and sleeping in more beds than Goldilocks, Carol is nowhere near hanging up her “Do Not Disturb” sign for good. As a business travel strategist, she works with travel execs, suppliers and other travel stakeholders to help travelers be safe, productive and compliant. She shows business travelers how to successfully live their life on the road, both at home and while away, by speaking, training and writing for travelers worldwide.

Carol has been a guest on Good Morning America, Great Day Houston and Fox TV and has contributed to USAToday, Wall Street Journal, CNN, New York Times, LA Times and numerous travel sites and radio shows. Her articles have been syndicated to Reuters.com in the US and UK. She was voted as one of the top business travel bloggers by USA Today.

Carol is the author of Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel With Confidence!  Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, calls this book the “Bible for Business Travelers.”  Business Travel Success was nominated for the Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) Travel Innovation of the Year award in 2012.

Carol has spoken at GBTA Canada’s annual conference, GBTA chapter meetings and Education Days, Cornell University’s Hospitality Research Summit, TBEX and more. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and a committee member of Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE).

Speaking Topics

Help Your Travelers Say WOW! With Quick and Easy Ideas to Enhance their Travel Experience

Hearing more complaints from your travelers than compliments?  Want to offer more features without breaking the budget? Looking for ways to augment your travel itineraries with supportive extras that excite your travelers?

It is often the little things, at no- or low-cost, that can truly enhance a business traveler’s time away from home and office, reduce their stress and help them be more productive.  It is these same ways that can escalate customer value to your organization, increase employee satisfaction and offer service excellence.

Learn lots of real world “why didn’t I think of that?” ways to help travelers be smarter packer, be safe when traveling, be more fit and healthy on the road, keep in touch with family and friends, know the tricks of international travel and be prepared for the balancing act of home, work and travel.

Whether you are a corporate travel manager or travel supplier, you will take away numerous tips on improving traveler satisfaction, increasing loyalty, and helping your travelers experience more enjoyable journeys.

Creating a Travel Policy Your Travelers Will Want to Follow!

With traveler compliance, and its related issues of duty of care and safety, being a top issue reported by travel management, this interactive session offers takeaways that can be implemented immediately and throughout the travel plan year.

Through storytelling communications, practical techniques and audience participation, Carol relays ways to engage your travelers that will have them understanding compliance, being more engaged with the travel team, and understanding duty of care.

Travel Managers as well as the Travel Industry will take-away implemental ways to engage travelers so they want to follow policy, practical and fun ways to engage with travelers in the end-to-end traveler experience, ideas for upping compliance rates while decreasing traveler disengagement, latest innovations on compliancy management, ideas for internal and external social media to engage and assist travelers as well as stimulating methods to market travel policies that have travelers’ listening.

The Sharing Economy: What You Need to Know Because Your Travelers ARE Using these Services

In this rapidly-advancing Shared Economy world, you’re in the middle of your travelers’ hunger for advancement and the staggering paradigm shifts in travel offerings. How do you balance it and do right by all?

This discussion addresses the challenges of the growing complexity of your responsibility of duty of care, intelligent spend and keeping your travelers happy.

Learn the top mistakes travel managers can make in regards to the sharing economy and how to avoid them, fatal assumptions regarding the sharing economy, policy discussions around ride-sharing and online marketplaces for lodging, critical safety tips, reporting, new sharing economy offerings your travelers are discovering, and steps to a traveler-centric, safety-conscious policy.

Traveler Safety

Being safe on the road is a priority to all of us. Safety starts from the moment a traveler leaves their home to the moment they return, whether traveling internationally or just to the next town.

Very practical, easy and fun to communicate travel safety tips you can start sharing with your travelers today, and start using for yourself as well!

Up your confidence in your travelers’ safety as well as your traveler engagement, with tips in the areas of identification, airport and hotel safety, ground transportation, a safer home while the traveler is away, keeping in touch and online security.

Top 5 Costly Challenges of Today’s Travel Manager – And Reducing Travel Costs is NOT One of Them!

A great session for all key travel stakeholders within a company – Travel, Finance, Procurement, HR, Risk and more. 

With corporate travel as one of a company’s highest controllable expenses, a travel industry that is always changing, and employee retention and duty of care being top priorities, this discussion takes all stakeholders’ needs into account to ensure an organization has the right plan, the right tools and the right help to achieve business travel success.

The ROI of business travel is highlighted with interactive discussion on engaging key stakeholders to create a company-aligned travel strategy.